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E-business is one of the fastest growing fields of business in the world. Alone the usage of Internet around the world has grown over 400% from year 2000 to the year 2010

These numbers encourage companies to build websites and to come up with new ways of serving their customers online. In many cases in B2C businesses this means creating an online store or a” web store”. In addition the number of companies that operate almost fully through the Internet is growing all the time.

In Finland, in spring 2010, 86% of the people aged between 16-74 were Internet users.

The great impact that the Internet has had on the global marketplace is well said by Peter F. Drucker: “The explosive emerge of the internet as a major, perhaps eventually major, worldwide distribution channel for goods, for services, and, surprisingly, for managerial and professional jobs is profoundly changing economies, markets, and industry structures; products and services and their flow; consumer segmentation, consumer values, and consumer behavior; jobs and labor markets.”

  • One of the most popular sports in Finland is ice hockey.
  • It is also a sport, which brings up a lot of feelings and good memories for many Finns.
  • Although the sport is so popular, the amount of web stores selling ice hockey products is minimal.
  • I have been looking up these stores and I have found out that these stores are almost unknown and the execution of these online stores is quite poor.

I have always admired entrepreneurship and hoped that some day I will have what it takes to be one. The TAMK International Business program has given me great knowledge in all aspects of business and provides an excellent start for also entrepreneurship.

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