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In September 2015, a small cultural centre within the Raval called Arco de los angeles Virgen supplied its remaining live performance, after being ordered to stop all musical presentations and clear all music equipment from the premises. on the time it had over 7,000 members. for the reason that then, Arco de la Virgen’s founder, Sergio Marcovich, has accrued over 20,000 signatures in a web petition to make the legal guidelines regulating cultural institutions extra bendy, thereby permitting them to reopen. It remains closed.

In January 2016, a tiny but ancient bar in Gràcia, Heliogàbal, closed its doorways after receiving over €18,000 in fines for staging small concerts—some thing the bar were doing for two a long time, however with out an legitimate licence. In can also 2016, it hosted a huge fundraising live performance in Razzmatazz called Pagar l. a. Multa (‘Pay the first-class’) to help improve cash to offset the debt. It, too, remains closed.

Seeing that March 2016, there was speak in the press and on the street about a brand new regulation so that it will allow any bar in Barcelona to legally host stay tune—some thing that appears like utopia to stay song lovers, and anathema to neighbours who fear being disturbed in any respect hours of the day and night time.

What Does the regulation sincerely Say?

[one_half class=”fc”]In short, there is no new regulation, however a brand new interpretation by way of the city council (the Ajuntament) of the prevailing law referring to live tune performances (Decret 112/2010). In March this 12 months, the Institut de Cultura de Barcelona (ICUB, Ajuntament of Barcelona) issued an modification to the preceding interpretation of the law, as set out in a 2011 ‘round’ (084/2011).[/one_half]

[one_half]This amended round became sooner or later signed by means of participants of the Ajuntament on may additionally 11th, technically allowing stay tune to be achieved in any place with a bar, restaurant or café licence. inside the beyond, most effective locations with a particular and narrowly described entertainment licence may want to time table live shows—website hosting an open-mic night in a neighbourhood bar became actually illegal.[/one_half]

The new interpretation feels like properly information for live tune, however the situation is complicated. [highlight background=”#FF9800″ color=”#FFFFFF”]The nice print says that any venue wishing to host concerts ought to additionally observe stringent noise and safety necessities[/highlight], including the installation of sound limiters, sound-proofing, a fireplace go out—the listing is going on.

The people concerned: Governmental and cultural enterprises

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Dani Granados is the Coordinator of Cultural making plans for the ICUB, as well as a musician, manufacturer and professor. He has been instrumental in shaping the circular change and other cultural initiatives beneath mayor Ada Colau, and is on a project to transform the connection between cultural and political entities in Barcelona. Granados indicated that the new interpretation become in no way intended as a quick method to the problem of stay song venues in Barcelona; rather, it is one crucial step within the system of nurturing subculture inside the city, and there is nonetheless a variety of paintings to be performed.

“Historically, subculture has been relegated to big spaces, segregated from the daily lifestyles of the common citizen. We need to make it more on hand to the human beings. if you want to do that, we want to place criminal measures in region with a view to inspire this kind of gadget, and reeducate each the authorities and the general public in order that they perceive neighborhood tradition as a normal part of their lives,” Granados said. “tune is a social phenomenon that belongs to the human beings. We need to stop seeing it most effective in monetary and political phrases, and begin seeing it as a device to unite the community.

[accordion][spoiler title=”Carmen Zapata”]Carmen Zapata is the pinnacle of the Asociación de Salas de Conciertos de Cataluña (ASACC), whose goal is to defend the pastimes of Catalunya’s track venues, and facilitate conversation among them and the administration.[/spoiler] [spoiler title=”Interpretation”]The ASACC has also been heavily involved in the wondering in the back of the brand new interpretation. in the past, the stay tune dialogue has regularly neglected the issue of small venues completely.[/spoiler] [spoiler title=”Zapata Metropolis”]Some thing Zapata regards as “a travesty in a metropolis that has four prestigious song colleges, a wealthy neighborhood tune scene, and vital gala’s that entice people from all around the global.”[/spoiler][/accordion]

Zapata believes that the numerous branches of presidency involved inside the decision-making process do no longer have a coherent imaginative and prescient of the way to deal with this issue. whilst the ASACC’s relationship with the branch of culture is “fluid and cooperative”, the branch of the indoors is “only worried with security measures—the question of lifestyle is not perceived as applicable to their dreams for the community”. consistent with Zapata, the circular modification is a useful step in the proper direction. “whilst it doesn’t come close to solving the numerous problems going through small track venues in Barcelona, it permits them to respire once more with out residing in consistent worry of huge fines and different unfair repercussions.”

The media’s function inside the debate

Nando Cruz is a journalist for El Periódico, amongst other publications, and has been deeply involved in masking the nearby song scene seeing that 1989. He feels that being a tune journalist comes with an unspoken obligation to cowl the problems that have an effect on the nearby scene. Cruz has written in element about the troubles dealing with live tune venues in Barcelona for the reason that debate began—no longer for any personal or political motivation, but due to the fact he is likewise an avid song fan. “I sincerely trust that a hundred more musical bars in Barcelona could make the city happier and more healthy,” said Cruz. “A city with a more diverse music scene is likewise a town greater attuned to range, justice and social recognition.”

Cruz has interviewed individuals of the authorities, cultural entities, musicians and more on this issue, and his end is that there’s still a protracted way to go. “To at the present time, we’re constricted by legal guidelines from Franco’s technology that taken into consideration tune to be a nuisance. converting the legal guidelines may be difficult, however earlier than this may manifest, we must change the public belief of song from being a noise problem to gambling an crucial role in local tradition.”

The change within the interpretation of the law means a bar like Heliogàbal is technically allowed to host concerts. while this will appear to be precise news, Heliogàbal has a maximum capacity of 39 people, which makes it tough to make ends meet as a track venue. If the venue prolonged its space, it may double its legal potential. but, so one can do so, the proprietors could must reap a allow, which can’t legally be granted till the new interpretation is positioned into operation. “until this stuff really manifest, we will’t make certain of what the destiny holds,” stated Miguel Cabal, the bar’s manager. “There’s no point spending a large sum of money on renovations until the legal guidelines are clearer.” Now that the circular change has been accredited, they desire to reopen in October, however are presently unable to make concrete plans.

Sergio Markovich, founding father of Arco de l. a. Virgen, is a tireless activist within the debate over stay song in Barcelona. He has been interviewed infinite times, attends meetings with authorities and cultural enterprises, organises petitions and grassroots efforts, has a steady social media presence, or even made a documentary about closing Arco de la Virgen—yet he is nevertheless attempting to find an answer for non-income cultural associations. “we will tell that the modern-day government is trying to make a distinction, however at the same time as the brand new interpretation’s important objective is to stimulate lifestyle, it doesn’t advise possible answers to the troubles at hand,” stated Markovich. “the principle hassle is that it nevertheless obliges small areas to comply to the same policies as a nightclub, that’s not possible.”

the brand new interpretation of the regulation does now not cope with the difficulty of neighbourhood institutions that don’t have a bar or restaurant licence. “for the time being, we’re in legal limbo,” Markovich stated. “The law doesn’t guard small non-income enterprises like ours. It doesn’t technically limit our lifestyles—it sincerely doesn’t point out us in any respect. there may be no felony framework that lets in us to exist.” He hopes to be able to press the problem at roundtable discussions this summer time, but there may be no clear avenue closer to reopening in sight.

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