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“Oh, you’ll pick out it up in two days,” my pal James declared, while requested how lengthy he idea it’d take me, someone who has been skateboarding for twenty years, to discover ways to snowboard.

No less than a month later, I’m dragging my board onto a gondola in Les Arcs, France, whilst Italian ex-seasoned snowboarder Beto Iacchini gives me the novice pep talk. Am I approximately to discover how comprehensive my tour coverage is? “No manner, guy,” says Beto, who is each bit the dudey snowboard trainer: long-haired, chilled, cheeky and – comfortably for his college students – fluent in five languages. “It’s all going to be first-class,” he says.

We start our foreboding ascent from one in every of Les Arc’s four hubs, Arc 1950, where I’m staying, to Arc 2000, with its hulking retro block lodges that appearance a bit just like the death star has crashed into the Alps. humans below us carve in leisurely fashion all the way down to Les Arc’s different hubs, Arc 1600 and Arc 1800.

Beto reassures me that approximately 60 miles, or half of, of the pistes in Les Arcs are blue runs, something that has made the area popular with largely British and French amateur and intermediate skiers and snowboarders because the Sixties. There are masses of gondolas and chairlifts too, instead of pesky T-bars, that are elaborate for newcomers. The sun is shining and the snow is sparkling. What ought to possibly go incorrect?

Properly, at the start, seemingly not anything. We step out of the gondola and stroll five mins to a abandoned, gentle incline where Beto shows me how to fasten my bindings. and then I’m off. My first descent includes riding 50 metres earlier than by chance turning a hundred and eighty degrees, but I preserve going “fakie” (AKA backwards), and manage now not to fall over.

Beto broadcasts I’ve were given the hang of it and that i’m “really an amazing skater” – then marches me to the closest blue run. There observe some tumbles, however universal, regardless of not being a rubber-boned toddler, studying to snowboard feels – reward be! – easier than when I discovered to ski almost 30 years in the past.

After an hour, I’ve nailed turning both methods – toeside and heelside – which my instructor, ever the flatterer, inform me usually takes six hours for novices to master. And with that we head to a purple run… and the whole thing modifications.

My preliminary smugness is wiped off my face with a sequence of lightning-brief, violent slams into the snow and earlier than lengthy my wrists pain, my knees throb and, simply as I’m thinking whether i might without a doubt have whiplash, a French girl, screaming like a neon-clad banshee on skis, hurtles into me. Being English, I apologise to her. Being Italian, Beto shouts at her. I name a day trip.

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